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Oh Fudge!

Oh the memories of hours in my grandmother’s kitchen during the holidays making fudge. Chocolate fudge, Peanut Butter fudge, Mint fudge, Rocky Road fudge, etc. Pounds and pounds of fudge that would be distributed and given as gifts to friends, family, members of the church, teachers, mailmen, etc. My grandmother’s fudge was always the hit of the holiday and everyone looked forward to receiving their ‘fair share’ of the glorious sweets. Everyone boasted that grandma made the best fudge around. Always sweet and smooth and not grainy like most others. Oh yes, grandma’s fudge recipe was a time kept secret, known to no one but grandma. Many a person asked grandma for her fabulous fudge recipe, but no one was given it, until one glorious day when it was given to me!

After years of those wonderful times spent in grandma’s kitchen, stirring and stirring, pouring and pouring, cutting and cutting, and boxing up fudge for presents, she decided it was time for her to pass on the tried and true recipe. The recipe that made her a living Christmas time legend, the recipe that everyone lusted for, the recipe that would be handed down from her to me and eventually from me to my children and grandchildren.

I’ll never forget that moment. She sat me down in the kitchen amongst all of the fudge necessities, huge pots, long and sturdy stirring spoons and all of the ingredients that would make for grandma’s famous fudge. She looked me in the eye and made me swear that I would tell no one her secret recipe. Of course, I crossed my heart and made that promise. Grandma reached across the table and picked up a big jar of Fluff, the whipped marshmallow that we used in each and every batch of her heavenly fudge. She handed it to me and as I turned the jar around, there it was….in all of it’s glory…grandma’s recipe for fudge!

True story and to this day my family and friends rave over my fudge mastery skills. Shhhhh…I’m not ready to give out the recipe quite yet. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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